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Whether a growing start-up, an established small business or a Fortune 100 multinational company, commemorative custom coins make an ideal remembrance to capture the values and heritage of your organization for employees and clients alike.

Armed Forces

As service veterans ourselves, we understand the high level of sacrifice and commitment that serving in the military requires. Our high-quality challenge coins support unit esprit de corps and values wherever the mission takes you.

Law Enforcement & Firefighters

Every day, state, municipal, and county first responders quietly serve as the first line of safety and security across the nation. Our tailored challenge coins are used by these quiet professionals to strengthen unit cohesion and to highlight their selfless service to others.

Museums & Cultural Organizations

We provide many not-for-profit cultural and social organizations with custom hand-crafted coins that beautifully commemorate significant events and activities and preserve the heritage of the organization both today and tomorrow.

Government Agencies

Federal agencies support US interests at home and abroad - often in challenging and complex situations. Federal officials provide their organizational challenge coins to key domestic and international partners as a sign of goodwill and cooperation.

Universities & Research Centers

Institutions of higher learning have long traditions of recognizing academic achievements within their communities with challenge coins and medallions. Uniquely capturing the values and high standards of each institution, the awarded commemorative medal is a treasured “forever” keepsake for the recipient.

From 1 pc. can be ordered

We offer coin production
from 1 piece to 2000 pieces. Fast and high quanlity.

Delivery in a few days

Order today and receive the goods in 2-3 days. Perfect for short term gifts.

Gold, silver coins possible

For high-quality gifts, choose our real gold and real silver coins

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Making your coin

We offer you different types of production for your coins. There are no limits to your ideas and creativity:

Individual packaging for your coins

Put your coin in the limelight. With high-quality packaging. You can easily add the appropriate packaging in the coin configurator.

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